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Broccoli, advantage bouquet

Many people know about its healing properties today. But to become a welcome guest in our kitchen broccoli is worthy not only because of its extraordinary benefit.

Broccoli’s cabbage was grown by the ancient Romans, although its path to the rest of Europe was very long. Today in our kitchen it is very popular – in a light salad with a drop of olive oil or hot, fried or boiled, seasoned with butter. In recent decades, broccoli has completely escaped to the leaders among vegetables. Its anti-cancer properties are evidenced by a lot of research, but he repeatedly wrote about them, including on the pages of Psychologies, neuropsychologist David Cervarwa-Shreiber*. As in most cruciferous ones, it contains sulforafan – antitoxic and antibacterial substance. Moreover, it is good not only for cancer prevention. Broccoli is exceptionally rich in vitamins. For example, with equal weights of broccoli, it contains more vitamin C than orange. The main thing is not to cook broccoli for too long, because then it loses part of its useful qualities. Due to the high content of groups of group A, it has antioxidant properties, which is valuable with eye diseases. As in many green vegetables, in broccoli there are a lot of vitamin B9, which helps to renew cells, so it is recommended for pregnant women.

Alain Passar, chef and owner of the Parisian restaurant L’Arpege (three Michelin stars), every month creates for us recipes of high kitchen.

In this low -calorie product (34 kcal per 100 g) there are few carbohydrates and a lot of fiber, so it is recommended to diabetics, as well as those who seek to lose weight. Recent studies have shown that broccoli can also help in the fight against chronic bronchitis, which smokers are primarily subject to **. It is difficult to resist the temptation of a product that has such wonderful properties. Choose a head of a closed stem and compressed inflorescences and cook broccoli as you like.

* D. Servo-Shreiber “Antirac” (Ripol Classic, 2010).

** ch. Harvey “Restoration of Bacterial Phagocytossis

Neuroosi, masennus ja ILK heidän kanssaan vähentävät libidoa negatiivisiin arvoihin: mitä sukupuolta voit sanoa, jos viagraa ilman reseptiä pääset iltaan. Jos olet määrännyt tabletteja, ne voivat myös vähentää seksuaalista toimintaa, mutta tuo ne tärkeämpiä pitkäaikaisia ​​kuin seksiä joka päivä. Lisäksi viimeisimmät pillerit, vähemmän vaikutteita intiimiin palloihin.

in Alvelar Macrophages From Copd Patients by Targeting Nrf2″. Science Translational Medicine, 2011, Vol. 9.

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Girlfriend in toxic relationships: how to help her?

It is pointless to convince her as soon as possible to part with a person who deprives her of vitality, self -confidence and does not make happy. Nevertheless, you can help your girlfriend.

Why a friend fell into a toxic relationship?

What holds your smart, attractive and insightful girlfriend next to this man? Obviously, right now, more than anything, she wants to be loved. At any cost. And it makes her vulnerable. The most insignificant attention from the male side begins to be perceived as a sincere interest.

A person who becomes close over time, reinforces his interest with actions that cause trust and desire to meet him. This interchange is able to lead to harmonious relations, where both sides gain a psychological balance. But the partner for whom the relationship is only a game reads the sharp need for the second side for any manifestations of heat and tenderness and does everything to try to earn it.

Such relationships are destructive. Feelings of a friend skillfully manipulate, but she does not find the strength to admit it. Most likely, you will endlessly hear stories about how soulless and selfish.

However, to your reasonable question: “Is there at least something happy in your relationship?»Will begin to

Iba 50% žien môže dosiahnuť orgazmus, ak sexuálny akt vydrží 10 minút a menej. A aj keď sa vám bude páčiť svoj generika cialis bude sa musieť vziať do orgazmu sám. Neberte tvar, akoby sa nič nestalo, povedzte mi, že som v zhone, ale večer vám určite bude chýbať (samozrejme, po dokončení sľubu).

protect it. “No, everything is wrong, most of the time we are well together!”It makes sense to object: it will become isolated and stop talking about it. At heart, she understands that she contradicts herself.

Why does the girl agree to stay with a person who gives heavily more than what she receives in return? Because only this is how loves to receive love. The previous experience, the foundations of which were laid in childhood, directs it to those who do not share their feelings, but only rewards them for something.

You do not convince her that she lives in destructive compromises with herself and she needs to break out of toxic relationships as soon as possible. She must come to this decision herself. If you try to insist, this will lead to only one result – your quarrel.

What can you do for her?

1. Be patient

Sometimes we have been going to important solutions for a long time. A friend has to realize that in a relationship she loses herself. It hurts and is not easy. Give her time.

2. Provide support

You do not need to agree with her decisions to make it clear: she can rely on you. When it is important for her to speak out, become a listener who does not give critical assessments. The more often it will openly talk about the painful aspects of the relationship, the faster the unpromisingness of their continuation is aware of.

3. Show respect

She does not receive respect from the person in whom she is in love, and this is painful for her. Never criticize her partner – she will perceive any pressure on your part as another depreciation of her feelings.

Initiate discussions of topics not related to personal life: work, hobbies, books. Let her know: her point of view is still important and interesting to you. Thank you for the new one that it opens up for you, what your life fills.

4. Treat her with attention and love

For various reasons, her idea of close relationships is deformed. Right now, it is important for her to feel: you accept, appreciate and love her in any condition, even if you do not agree with her. Your love and care will help her gradually feel more confident and stronger.

About the author: Tara Parker – coach, family relations and personal development specialist.