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How to improve testing skills

Everyone involved in the delivery process is accountable for creating the best possible product or service. Quality assurance is about mitigating risks, so the QA tester on the development team should promote the idea of creating a high-quality product from the very beginning. In this article, we’ll walk through 14 QA best practices that you can follow in order to achieve great quality assurance. As we walk through these QA best practices, keep in mind that your commitment and effort will ultimately determine how successfully you grow in the ever-changing world of quality assurance and software testing. As manual testing is time consuming, costly, and prone to errors, it makes sense to leverage automation for a wide range of repetitive tasks, such as regression and performance testing. The test automation tools are used to offer testing type support for features to check on the efficiency at a rapid rate.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on testing mobile and of any tips or tools you can recommend over at The Club. Put up a plan to improve and enhance your mobile app testing skills and you will be able to make hay while the sun shines. In this section, we’ll cover the required expertise and familiarity with the mobile app testing tools required. It’s necessary to build on the following testing skills and tools by practicing regularly to go about improving test skills. Most users of mobile devices do not sit in a cosy office next to a WiFi router. Keep in mind where your user is actually using the application and test those places in the field, like walking down the street or taking the subway.

For example, you could treat yourself to a special meal, or a new pair of shoes, every time you improve your score by a certain amount. BrowserStack App Live, which provides access to a majority of devices available in the market. By default, you can use the developer tools section of any popular web browser to get access to tools that can help you profile, analyze and debug various aspects of your application. This can be useful for identifying areas of the code that may be causing performance issues.

#9. Coding Skills

I am doing this for quite some time now and I have to say it is really really useful to improve your skills in mobile testing. I am getting so many new ideas while reading those texts and while trying to reproduce those bugs. In the last couple of months I was asked by several people how I improve my mobile testing skills. The mobile world is changing quite fast and you have to keep the pace, if you want to be a good and up to date mobile tester. Savvy apps is another brilliant resource with a bunch of inspiring articles for everyday mobile app development. One of my personal favourite examples is the article about REST API. It’s an easy and fast introduction to the whole theme without any code .

  • With a device cloud, tester or the organization does not need to maintain a physical lab or physical devices.
  • However, it is worth noting that Auto Monkey gives an extremely small benefit, and it is impossible to catch some fundamental crashes with it.
  • The innovative methodologies should be discussed and implemented.
  • Doing so improves managers’ soft skills, since they are practicing leading a difficult conversation.
  • This strategy helps you in thinking till extreme to accomplish your targets.
  • On the same note, a skilled automation tester must know the application inside out, both at frontend and backend level before the testing phase begins.
  • Therefore, testers should know how to use these tools to benefit from them effectively.

Though there are multiple mobile testing automation frameworks available to select from, it is crucial to understand the basics of how each framework works or performs. The way how each framework works helps determine the speed and efficiency of the test execution and help you meet all your testing needs and achieve the desired business goals. If your mobile application is a web app that operates on a mobile browser then it is recommended that you test it on all the different device sizes and resolutions that your target audience might be using. The integrations and complexities are increasing with time and it is not possible for the testers to depend upon manual testing only. Once your mind is sharp enough, you will be able to find bugs and errors within no time, helping you to progress well in the field of manual testing.

They are full of easy-to-follow practical information that will help you to learn more effectively and get better grades. There are many ways to improve your test taking skills and your scores. One of the most common issues is that improper battery utilization can cause your phone to overheat. This can lead to all sorts of problems, including data loss, a shortened battery life, and even damage to your phone.

of all kinds of mobile applications without any installation overhead. You just need to

When you are looking for an idea for a way forward and you don’t have a person next to you who can help you set it, it’s a good idea to gather feedback from your team on what they need and expect from a tester. This is because there is usually at least one experienced person in a team and therefore has much more knowledge and context in which you can help and grow at the same time. It is extremely important to see how the application behaves if you quickly switch between different screens .

Android Studio has built-in tools for profiling apps and measuring resource consumption across the above-mentioned criteria. You get access to the CPU profiler, network profiler, memory profiler, and battery profiler. Whether you are building a web application or a mobile application, consistently identifying users’ pain points and updating the application accordingly is a prerequisite for smooth scaling. In a modern setup, technologies like hybrid device clouds enable QA teams to multitask and make app profiling a part of the test automation strategy.

how to improve mobile testing skills

It is essential to make sure that tester has a clear understanding of test objects and to work around it to grasp the scope. Other than this, the best option is to be an exploratory tester who can think all the possibilities and help in making the product strong. Of course, you cannot be the master of everything, but have good knowledge and idea about all the important domains other than just yours will surely increase your market value manifold. These days, it is expected that the quality person will come with knowledge about many things other than his domain. If allowed, hand this application to a 10 year old and see how he uses it. SE hipsteris another great blog, but there you will always find some unique hints and tricks for your android app.

Take Official Practice Exams

Leaders and leaders-in-training can participate in VR simulations of difficult one-on-one discussions or group interactions, such as meetings. Simulations include employees with varying degrees of enthusiasm, emotional intelligence and performance levels, and the trainees must respond to them in the most effective way possible. Farmers Insurance is using virtual technology to train its claims adjusters on identifying and assessing claims.

how to improve mobile testing skills

CPU profiling can also help to identify any potential race conditions that may be causing problems with resource consumption. This is often overlooked in the early stages of the development journey. Once the application is launched and the user base starts to grow, the application is more likely to go through sudden changes in load patterns. Also, you may want to check the latest expected trends in the software testing field here. Being an automation tester you should be willing and curious to learn new technologies in the area of automation. An automation tester needs to have a clear understanding of the business requirements.

Ready to be Unstoppable?

It is really difficult to look beyond the things which look normal. When working on a project, after a while, the testers are unable to find any defects. The best remedy to conquer the saturation point is to Take breaks, observe surrounding, discuss knowledge and resume work.

Breaks are essential so that you come back with a fresh mind to go on with the testing process quickly. Finally, learn to work with code and try to understand it so that you can mount the data yourself in the future. Hi, we are AppUnite, we take care of the businesses from a tech perspective. We build products and teams around them enabling our clients to bring the difference to the world.

how to improve mobile testing skills

Studying with others can help keep you accountable and motivated. Working through questions together, and sharing different approaches to problem solving, can be very helpful. Going back to school can be emotionally difficult, especially if you have a family, or other obligations. Working together with a group of like-minded go-getters how to improve mobile testing skills may help improve your scores and calm your anxiety. If your work is encouraging you to go back to school, or asking you to take a certification test, consider asking about starting a study group at work. Once you start studying and taking additional tests, watching your scores go up will also help keep you motivated.

What are the skills needed for an automation tester?

Whether you work in a specialized QA service or on an in-house QA testing team, always set up expectations between your team and the dev team before testing begins. Make sure you test your app on real devices as well as a simulator or emulator. Remember to be conscious about your communication style with the team.

It’s not necessary to read only software testing books, but anything which can catch your interest. If you are able to co-relate things correctly, books on any subject will be a treasure for you. The knowledge you have gathered will surely help you in your career sometime or the other.

test automation tool that allows you to automate your test cases in simple

In the same time period, learning how to use test tools as the most time-consuming challenge with testing fell from 22% to just 8%. Mobile App Testing Checklist for releasing apps Know exactly what to test before releasing new mobile apps. The challenge for web developers is to find access to physical devices on which a given website has to be profiled. Although there is a mobile device simulator built into chrome, it is not the same as accessing dev tools on the actual device, and hence the two cannot be considered equally useful. Application profiling is a process of monitoring the performance of your application under various scenarios and conditions.

Any loophole in the app can leave the application vulnerable to cyber attacks. Thus, a thorough security testing of your mobile application is a must. The testing should be done to ensure that any sensitive data of your organization or your users should always be encrypted and protected against malicious activities. No matter what the total experience of a tester is, improvement and learning are a vital part for them. This continuously strives up software knowledge and testing skills. The main purpose is to ensure that the program is well engaged and self-learning as well.

write automated tests 5x faster

It’s important for any mobile tester to be aware of which environment the software was developed in and how that may affect an app’s performance on an actual device. This includes battery usage, CPU usage, render times, crashes and more. Mobile testing is for testing mobile-based applications whereas, web testing is a software testing practice which tests web applications or websites.

You will be surprised to see that you can report more defects when you resume work because now the saturation point is over and a new perspective to look has arisen. Everyone you know with a graduate degree has been where you are right now. They too debated going back to school and worried about taking the necessary tests. Friends and colleagues may be able to provide more specific and personal advice than books and teachers. The more you know about the testing process, the less nervous you’ll be taking the test. App Automate provide developers with an easy way to manage, profile and debug their applications.

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To be better informed you should obtain certain sources of information about what you are testing and how it works. Below are some useful sources of information on iOS, Android, and general mobile development; including some great blogs, guides and events to attend. If you have to test 4 different input fields and different combinations of each of them, then the PairWise method can be useful. With this mathematical tool, you can eliminate duplicate testing efforts and streamline your testing process. You could also implement feedback forms for each application so the user can contact your team without spoiling the rating in the application store.

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