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In the highly competitive real estate market, what sets one developer apart from the rest?

  • A track record of flawless, schedule-bound high quality projects
  • Customer orientation
  • Attention to detail

Shree Bal Developers take justifiable pride in having consistently met all the above criteria. The company has distinguished itself with giving the city some of its most prestigious residential and commercial projects. Perfect location, high standards of construction and complete client-orientation define each of these properties.
Precisely attuned to the needs of the times, Shree Bal Developers are also engaged in managing business centers and agricultural projects. With this holistic approach to real estate development, the company enjoys an unmatched reputation for excellence and broad-spectrum expertise.

About the Group

With over a decade of experience in cutting-edge construction and development activity, Shree Bal Developers have an unerring finger on the pulse of Pune’s property market. Each residential and commercial project conforms to the city’s constantly evolving needs. The company consistently identifies the most suitable locations in terms of accessibility and convivial environment for its residential projects. Office complex are strategically located at existing and emerging business hubs.

Shree Bal Developers is the brainchild of Mr. and Mrs. Bal. The fact that both are chartered accountants by profession has given this dynamic couple a decisive edge over the competition. With their ability to identify and adapt to property buyer’s considerations, every new project represents a unique combination of high construction standards and ultimate value for money.

As the company’s creative and strategic driving force, Mrs. Vrinda Sharad Bal has had considerable exposure to the domestic and international corporate sector. Her professional background has equipped her with a high degree of expertise in project management and client servicing. Her inherent artistic streak and a deep passion for nature has delivered award-winning bungalow projects like Kapil Malhar.

Mr. Bal’s, an accomplished entrepreneur, leverages his deep knowledge of finance, law and taxation to help Shree Bal Developers deliver projects that meet the highest standards of cost-effectiveness and affordability. In addition to the construction industry, he has succeeded in extending the company’s business portfolio into professional leasing as well as the manufacturing industry.

Other Business Diversifications

Shree Bal Developers have leveraged the company’s cross-genre expertise to evolve beyond the property market. With a dedicated team of professionals who have excelled in fields other than real estate, the company represents a treasure house of diversified experience.

Automatic Electric Ltd. (www.aelindia.com)

Yet another associated business enterprise, Automatic Electric Ltd. manufactures sophisticated electrical products designed by its in-house Research & Development department. The designs used are consistent with the best engineering practices known worldwide. Scores of engineers are involved in generating new products and improving product design to meet customer requirement and global challenges.

The Instrument Division & the Power System Division has been accredited with the prestigious ISO 9001 certificate by M/s BVQI since May 1997 and April 2002 respectively. Shree Bal Developers have capitalized on their in-house expertise in the field of international-standard electrical equipment manufacturing to successfully collaborate with this highly respected company.

Automatic Electric Ltd. has an extensive product repertoire that includes:

  • Analogue Instruments
  • Digital Meters
  • Transducers
  • Shunts
  • Reed Type Frequency Meters
  • H.V. Testers
  • Transformers
  • Stabilizers
  • Rectifiers
  • Auto Transformers
  • Isolation Transformers
  • Measuring Instruments
  • Testing Equipments

Automatic Electric Ltd. exports its products to Australia, U.K., New Zealand, Italy, Germany, South Africa, the Middle East and the Far East.
Automatic IT Services (www.automaticinfotech.com)

A sister concern, Automatic IT Services specializes in state of the art SAP and Application software solutions and consulting services. This company enables its clients to extract maximum potential from their investments while optimizing their business processes and increasing productivity. Automatic IT Services delivers client-tailored solutions to a dedicated, global client-base. Automatic IT services has successfully executed various software projects in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the US.

India has emerged as a global outsourcing destination for IT services and IT enabled services (ITES) over the last decade. Over time, India has established itself as a preferred global sourcing destination for IT and IT enabled services and the growth prospects are immense. Shree Bal Developers recognized the potential largely because this sector has emerged as a key driver of commercial real estate in India.

Kapil Hospitality

An emerging business and social networking center designed for the purpose of corporate training and conferences as well as any other occasions that require the very best in amenities. Kapil Hospitality’s features include:

  • Two conference halls to seat 30 and 40 person respectively – seating easily modified to ‘U’ shape, auditorium or classroom formats.
  • Impressive lobby suite
  • Transducers
  • Complete range of conference amenities such as PA system, high quality speaker system, etc.
  • Refreshment formats include breakfast, brunch, lunch, evening tea/coffee and dinner

Spread over a lavish 2800 square feet, Kapil Hospitality is the most distinctive venue for all official and social functions, conferences, trainings, meetings, interviews and gatherings in Pune. Fully air conditioned, this unique hospitality center features top-end furnishing, wall-to-wall carpeting on all floors and complete accessibility from Pune’s primary transit points as well as CBD. Kapil Hospitality is located within walking distance of Pune railway Station and is just a 25-minute drive from Pune airport.

With Pune emerging as one of the country’s most important IT / ITES locations, high-standard hospitality facilities are mandatory. The brainchild of Mrs. Vrinda Bal Kapil Hospitality aims to meet this demand in its entirety. The center offers the very best in business and dignified living specifications. An online booking provision makes Kapil Hospitality’s matchless facilities instantly available.

Kapil Hospitality is the ideal conference and business/leisure destination for multinational banks, IT companies, insurance companies, NGO’s and Pharmas.


Kapil Malhar (Phase 1) reaps a rich haul at the ASEA 2006 Awards!

Our project, Kapil Malhar (Phase 1) has won awards for being an innovative and unique creation in the category – Group Housing.

Our success would not be possible but for our team of architect Prakash Kulkarni, communications consultants Strategic Creative Initiatives, legal advisor Adv. Mahesh Limaye, electrical contractors Neha Electricals and our most valued customers.


Mr. Sharad Bal
Group Chairman
Mr. Bal is the founder and the driving force behind Automatic group of companies. As a qualified Chartered accountant, Mr. Bal has over 36 years of experience in driving various business functions in the industry verticals: Finance, construction, manufacturing, media and consulting.

Mr. Bal has proven expertise in:

  • Corporate finance and accounting
  • Investments and acquisition
  • Corporate strategy
  • Project management
  • Global collaborations
  • Business expansion
  • Vendor development
  • Human Resource management

Mr. and Mrs. Bal started business activities in 1977 and have managed to now grow the business into a diversified group which employs over 700 professionals across India.

Mrs. Vrinda S. Bal
Mrs. Bal is master administrator and the details person of the group. Mrs. Bal is a qualified chartered accountant. Prior to joining the family business, Mrs. Bal, as a senior management member of Siemens has been responsible for various corporate responsibilities in India and Europe. Mrs. Bal has over 30 years of experience in driving various business functions in the industry verticals: Finance, construction, manufacturing, media and consulting.

Mrs. Bal has proven expertise in:

  • Corporate strategy
  • Project execution
  • Marketing and business development
  • Customer relationship management
  • Vendor management
  • Administration

Mr. and Mrs. Bal started business activities in 1977 and have managed to now grow the business into a diversified group which employs over 700 professionals across India.