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Their previous knowledge has made their own make use of bodily and you can probably sexual risks

Their previous knowledge has made their own make use of bodily and you can probably sexual risks

Bikini Caenis (Rider) Stage step 3 inside Future/Grand Buy, portrayed because of the Azusa. Swimsuit Caenis (Rider) Phase 4 during the Destiny/Huge Buy, portrayed of the Azusa. Such an excellent Bird (????????? ? ) for the Destiny/Grand Acquisition, portrayed by the Akasa Ai .


Even though holding adequate anger for abilities because an enthusiastic Avenger, Caenis is going to be cheerful, entering light conversations even in the event perhaps not inside Filles ThaГЇlandais attirantes an effective feeling. She also offers an affection for chocolate that will be open to discussing more and more the topic. not, their particular inner fury could become uncontrollable, resulting in significant and violent behavior towards the par having a Berserker. Their own behavior contained in this state plus throws the owner within higher likelihood of getting stuck in her madness.

Wodime’s magnetic demeanor, together with his intend to escalate mankind to godhood and remold the age of Gods, resonated that have Caenis, even with their hatred to own deities, particularly Poseidon, that is the focus out-of their unique outrage. She greatly supported Wodime and you may vowed to exhibit the newest defenses and you may blessings of the water jesus blessed inside her human body as a great Commendable Phantasm on the maximum.

Much like Mordred, Caenis screens spontaneous conclusion, a short disposition, and a straightforward attitude. She will end up being frank every so often, thinking Musashi need to be an adverse people as they are very similar to both.

When you find yourself initially lookin once the a great “might produces proper” profile, Caenis reflects the new defects off ancient greek heroes. She’s both experienced and you can wielded tyranny and you can divine powers, which could contribute to their emotional and you will high-risk tendencies.

Amazingly, Caenis upholds the guidelines out-of Xenia, this new Greek notion of hospitality. She plus conceals a susceptible and you may invisible frail top in order to her that’s still inside soreness from their unique earlier in the day injury having Poseidon, and you may probably the latest nearest relationship to their particular totally new women profile.


Kirschtaria Wodime Caenis seemed to profoundly regard Kirschtaria because their own Grasp and his deeper sight, and you may was slightly devoted to him. Despite become summoned from the Ritsuka, she’s got so you’re able to remind herself you to Kirishtaria has stopped being their own Grasp. Jason and you can Medea Lily “Hee~, very that’s the end up being all of you produce at this lay. Exactly what? Pretendin’ becoming a security officer’s given that ol’ days? Haha! Avoid jokin’ Jason. The newest me of your ol’ months was. Uuuum, such a shock corps chief. Uuum? I’m sure it’s your with just just one look. Ah? You are unlike common? Would be the fact the way it works? Nah, they isn’t 50 % of bad. Basically must select, I would personally state Everyone loves it. How about we pick a glass or two later, instance an excellent ol’ friends regarding Argo?

A kin of the jesus regarding battle Ares. Heee, very that is the way it was! If or not dated otherwise brand new, it never do anything pretty good. Hey, Grasp, can i butcher ’em? Provide me the newest creeps. You. T-R-I-T-O-N-KUN! We in the long run fulfilled, we’ve got a great deal to explore. Hah! Why are your contained in this form. Are not ya merely an effective tot! Dressed eg a great girl actually! Hah? Only a regular consistent, you told you? Watching it girlish is myself! Is not not a chance that’s the circumstances! Surely, I don’t thought it’s cool at all, contour, otherwise means at all! Hello, it is ok, y’know? You got the looks, if you fool around into brats, Grasp wouldn’t say a thing. Noooope? I am not mockin’ ya. Isn’t it good if the an effective brat runs up to and you can takes on including new brat he or she is?

Mermaids is things a lot more like it. Anyhow it’s incorrect. Shit. Exactly why is it when I glance at Gogh, I feel disheartened. Is it, I am concerned to possess their particular? Myself? I’m tellin’ ya you bein’ an excellent mermaid’s completely wrong! You do not discover giants of peak inside the newest Greek seas! Exactly what? We couldn’t care and attention quicker on what We look like. Hee. Do not be playin’ right until late. Get to sleep already. So? Starred enough? Proper. Ah. Yeah, that is correct. Ah? Exhibitionist? Ugh. I am not saying a keen exhibitionist! I’m immortal therefore i have no care for everything i wear! More to the point, you are also a king, are not your. If so, become more driven. That’s what We appeared right here to inform you. Aaaargh, I’ve had enough, allow me to borrow that glass of yours!

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